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1.How to get money and keep it

2.How to get levels up quick (not shortcuts)

3.how to keep the power

 ††††††††††† Chapter 1.how to get money and keep it!

First off there is a thing called flipping notes. This is how people get money fast for example coal has a price of 100-200gp per piece if you want to flip the note you would sell it for 100gp-125gp. That is flipping notes. Also a good way to get money if flipping lobster notes. Lobsters sell cooked for 100gp-300gp if you want to flip the note sell them from 125-175gp.also if you get a high crafting level like 10 pick flax and make it into bow strings if you are a member then sell the bow strings for 75-100gp this will get you money fast.

Chapter 2.How to get levels up quick (not shortcuts)!

††††††† These are some ways to get levels up: Step 1 If you are a non-member and a level 3-15 then train on goblins till you get till level 16 once you get to level 16: step 2 train on goblins level 5 till you get to be level 24 once your level 25 train on scorpions level 14 till you get to level 32: step 3 once your level 32 train on guards till your level 40: step 4 then train on hill giants till your level 48 once your level 48: step 5 train white knights in fally till your level 53 and then you can train on what ever else you think you can (hint: train on something a good 10 levels below you). If you are a member! †††† Repeat the list of step 1 and 2 once you have done those step 3 isÖtrain on rock crabs in the fremnick place till you get to level 57 then you: step 4 train on lesser demons with some poisoned weapon with lots of lobsters. Till your level 64 then train on what you would like.

  ††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Chapter 3.how to keep the power.

Always if anyone asks how much for something even if you donít want to sell it look at his or her offer! This is one thing that has gotten me a lot of money and if you donít want to sell it even if it is a something you want if it is better money then you paid so you can buy it again and have money left over. Also if someone is selling something that you know it is cheep for that item and you can make a deal on it then buy it even if it is all your money! If it is a bad deal then do not do it no acceptations because later you will most likely find it cheaper. For a price ranger for items go to www.runehq.com. Thank you for reading this guide to runescape. This will be a help to all.