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The Barrows, Ferriss and Friends Collection

Photographs and Documents


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Louise Ferris(s) (b. 1889)

Chauncey Marshall Ferris(s) (b.1857)

Walter Jay Ferris(s) (World War I)

Edna Louise Ferris(s) and Charles Arthur Taylor Jr. and Charles Arthur Taylor III (b. 28 July 1912)

Ella M. Ferris(s) (b.25 March 1879)

Charles Henry Ferris(s) (1846-1870) Civil War

Howard Ferris(s) (Sept. 1881)

Frank Ferris(s) (1853-1906)

Loray Stowell (1802-1888)

Wealtha Tolcott

Weltha Coleman Barrows

Marshall Ferris(s)


Jessie Fern Linniger (1887 - 1973)

Paul Henry (b. 1911)

Weltha Coleman Barrows (1862 - 1954)

Walter and Louise Ferris(s)

George R. Davey (b. 1895) and Walter Vernon Davey (b. 1897) Step-Children of Weltha Barrows Ferris(s)

Marian Burton Andrews (b. 1903)



Ethel Miles Russell

Frank Ferris(s)

Emma Clark, wife of Frank Ferris(s)




Charles Bromley

Richard C. Billingham, Jr. (b.1888)

Edna Louise Ferris(s)


Weltha Coleman Barrows Ferris(s) Davey

Jessie Fern Linniger

Weltha Coleman Barrows and Chauncey "Marshall" Ferris(s)Friday, 17 June 1881

Caroline Ferriss (b. 1818)

Milo Trumble

Groton Rural Cemetery, Groton, Tompkins, NY

George Davey Wagon Painter

Unknonwn but same fellow next to Candy Truck?

Carrie Henderson (b. 1861)

Bird Hunting (caught 102 birds) October 22 - 29, 1915