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          R.O.S.E is a very fun game it has very good graphics and has somewhat of a good concept if you can after you play this game if you do then please send a email to me on how you like the game on a scale from 1-10 were 10 being the best. This game has quest guns no blood unfortunately and arrows staffs magic and just hand to hand combat you are a kid in the game you start an account. This game is appropriate for the ages of 9 and up. There are different races so wail this game is loading you should check out the guide it can help a lot. My email is on the bottom of the page. So far out of 10 vote averages out to a rating of 8.5. If you have any questions about the game then email me with a return email to sdog1993@yahoo.com


www.runescape.com Stephen's Runescape Guide Click Here


          Runescape is a so- so graphic game were there are quests, money, weapons, armor different towns wildness were you could battle other players online. This game has magic, hand-to-hand combat, and ranged were there are crossbows bows arrows knife and darts. This game shows no blood and is very friendly. There are many skills to practice so you can get levels up and cook food to heal you against monsters weald armor and different mettles. This game is appropriate for ages of and up. if you have any questions on the game pleas fell free to email me with a return address to sdog1993@yahoo.com thank you.